3:08 AM (Grizzly Bear)

As soon as I found out Grizzly Bear was coming to Vancouver I was set on going. Within the first five minutes that they were available, I had already bought my ticket and pre-ordered the vinyl. The show was at the Commodore, which means no minors. So I had to figure out a way to get into the venue. 

This Grizzly Bear blog I follow, Grizzly Bear Galore, posted a video on YouTube talking about how they got started and their relationship with the band. They’re basically friends with the band now and they said that Grizzly Bear is flying them to New York to see their show because they’re not playing where the two girls live. I commented on the video, saying how I have my ticket, but I’m not old enough to go to the show and how I’m so happy for them and jealous of them. I got a response from her a couple hours later… 

Hello! I saw your comment and I talked to Ed and he read it and told me to tell you to email him with your first and last name and he will put you on the list to get in the show. Hope you have fun!



So I’m freaking out! I email Ed and gave him my whole spiel. He responded a couple minutes later…

I forwarded to our tour manager. He’s going to try.


A month or so passed and I emailed Ed again, just to see if they had worked anything out and I was told to wait until October. In the end, it didn’t work out because of the venue’s strict policies. I was on my own.

I sorted out getting an ID, specifically for the sole purpose of going to this show. I ended up getting into the show without any problems.

My friend, Ripley, and I were literally right up against the stage in front of where Dan and Chris Bear are positioned. The show was absolutely amazing. They finished with Sun In Your Eyes, which made the whole set.

After the show ended, Ripley and I went out back to see if the band was gonna come out. We were waiting for a while and then Dan just walks out of the door. It took me a second to realize that it was him because he was just so quiet about it. We talked for a bit about Department of Eagles and his solo stuff and if they’re gonna tour again. I mention how I’m the one who was emailing about being underage and how I ended up getting in. He said, “You’re Andrew Ta…” He knew who I was! He said he recognized my name because I’ve written in a lot. Some girl asked about the JoJo cover he made and why he did it. And I tell her that it was for Ed’s birthday. They’re both seemed surprised that I knew that. We took pictures with Dan and he went on his way.

Then Chris Taylor came out and I talked briefly to him about their last concert in Vancouver and how he was the only one who signed my vinyl.

After Chris Taylor left, Chris Bear came out and we talked for the quite a bit about Vancouver, like what they did during the day and what he planned on doing the following day. He said he saw me in the front row during the concert. He was just a really swell guy.

Then Ed came out of another door and I had to yell his name to get his attention. There was a group of us there, some kids who were also underage and couldn’t get into the show. He gave us all hugs. And then I said, “I got in, Ed. My ID worked!” And his face just lit up. “It’s you! Andrew! I’m so happy! I saw you in the front row and I knew you looked younger than the other people.” He was just so genuinely excited that I was able to get in. He gave me another hug. We talked about that for a bit and he said he was gonna try and sneak the kids into the second show. He asked me if I was going, and I said that I really wanted to. He told me that he’ll put me on the guest list so I can get in for free. Then he said, “You have my email, so talk to these kids and we’ll sort out how we’re gonna get them in.” After he left I talked to the kids and got their info. I emailed Ed in the morning and asked how he wanted to coordinate getting the kids in and I suggested we iMessage instead because it’s easier than emailing. He gave me his number and we started texting. It didn’t look like he was gonna be able to get them in, but he put me on the guest list and said I can bring someone with me. I decided to take my dad.

Ed and I were texting before they came on stage and he asked me what song I was hoping for and I told him that I’d love to hear Colorado and Fine for Now. He responded with, “You’ll get one!” They ended up playing Colorado, which he dedicated it to me. Needless to say, I cried. They ended the show with Fix It, which they NEVER play. It was such an honour to actually hear live. The set was absolutely amazing, and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to see them two nights in a row.

I went out back to the alley again, but by that time Dan had already left so I didn’t get my In Ear Park vinyl signed. When Ed came out he gave me a hug and we talked for a bit. He asked where my dad was, so I introduced him. He signed my Shields vinyl and I gave him the t-shirts I made. I’m pretty sure he even called me Andy at one point!

These past two nights have been absolutely unreal. Everything worked out better than I could have ever imagined. I can’t thank the band and Grizzly Bear Galore enough for setting this up and helping me in any way they could. I hope to keep in touch with Ed in the future and maybe even do some artwork for them.

I’m out.

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